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Dog Special :)

As requested, I have uploaded the Dog Special except the last part, part 3 of disc 2. I have seriously tried many many times over the past few days to upload this very last part because I wanted to post everything at one go but I couldn't get MegaUpload or even SendSpace to work for me. I will keep on trying and will edit this post to include the link. Meanwhile, these are what I have uploaded.

Disc 1 Part 1
Disc 1 Part 2
Disc 1 Part 3
Disc 1 Part 4

Disc 2 Part 1
Disc 2 Part 2

Disc 2 Part 3

I am happy to say that I have managed to upload the last part of the Dog Special, completed everything, despite many many technical problems with my computer. Sorry that I took so long to upload the last link.
Enjoy them :)

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