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Project The World loves Arashi

Hi everyone,

it's me again, Pam ^-^ (and my crazy project) I comes up of this idea when many of us, especially [info]sakuratikah  ask if Aiba already mentioned about our International Fans Map Project yet or did Arashi see the map yet. Then I talked with her and the others [info]aimizubouken [info]ida_lawliet on twitter, what should we do to let Arashi knows about us (again, since the fan map pretty fails orz)

Anyway this is what I plan to do, it's very simple. Let say, we all send the postcard to Arashi! :) The hidden purpose of this project is to celebrate their 11th year debut hence the postcard need to be sent around the first week of September. We will send the postcard in the same week (don't think we can send it out on the same day XD) The destination of our postcard will be JE and member radio programs.

Further information, discussion and how to participate ( please read here )
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