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Arashi - Monster: PV Making of HQ~

Ahhaha yes, i know that theres a few subbed ver.s floating around but I think this is a HQ version ^^ [Don't look at the quality of the cap. I resized it and the quality went DOWN]

Squee~ Squee~
Exactly how I was throughout most of the vid ^^

Translations: aatash/wingsonwords
Raw:  saragnayan (I'm sosossoso sorry I forgot to include you in the hardsubbed credits ><)
Subbing: arashilovezs
Duration: 19.32 min
Size: 577MB
Resolution: 1280x720
Bitrate: 4039kbps

Get it HERE on my LJ ♥


x-posten @ arashi_on 
Tags: video (subtitled - english)

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