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Natsu no Koi wa Niji-iro ni Kagayaku, Jun's new drama!!!

It's official people, it's official!!!

Starting July, FujiTV Mondays 9 PM slot (the "Getsuku one", named from its airtime ^_^) FujiTv will give to our guys a chance in one of its most important drama slots, one where none of our guys have previously starred in.
Following Tsuki no Koibito will air "Natsu no Koi wa Niji-iro ni Kagayaku" (Summer Love Shines in Rainbow Color), starring our Jun and Takeuchi Yuko, Kazu's fave actress!!!

Original script will be written by Oomori Mika, (Kimi wa pet, MY BOSS MY HERO and Buzzer Beat; the direction will be by Sawada Kensaku (PRIDE, CHANGE, Galileo, Fumo Chitai... a great name!!!) and Kato Hiromasa (Majo Saiban, another awesome title <3).

Jun will play Taiga, a not-so-popular second-generation actor. His father was a very popular actor in his time. But Taiga only gets to appear in variety shows most of the time.
He's a tsundere type of guy, which means he's sharp and sarcastic on the surface (tsuntsun) but underneath lovestruck and fawning (deredere); characteristic of a gap between acted out actions and feelings in mind; normally being sharp but at some prompt suddenly becoming lovestruck; hot-cold personality type.

One day when a friend brings him out for a skydiving, a big wind dragged him further apart from the dropping point and he goes stuck on the trees. That's when a beautiful woman, Shiori (Takeuchi Yuko), come to help him. Shiori is a very cheerful woman who laughs away all problems/worries she has, exactly the opposite with Taiga. Shiori is the kind of person who never worry about details.

source:, translation by yanie02

I'm so excited about this!!! ♥
Looks like very promising <3

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