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Update: Arashi Message Fan Book <3

Hi everyone,

I apologize long time no update. This is Melissa and around November 2009 I went to Japan. I put together this Arashi Message Fan book: filled with pictures and messages to Arashi

I had a great trip to Japan and Korea but unfortunately, I didn't have time to post anything after I came home. In Japan, I must say that I pointed out anything I could find with "Johnny's" :) I did go to Keikarou but Aiba-kun's mom wasn't there. But I was able to give the book to the waitress and she said that she would give it to Aiba-kun's mom. :)

My friend who translated some of the messages went to Japan a few months ago and called Keikarou and talked to Aiba-kun's mom again (my friend talked to Aiba-kun's mom before asking if she would accept the book)and asked if she received the book. Aiba-kun's mom said she did receive it and gave it to her son!!!! :) Yatta! Mission accomplished! So happy to hear and know that the book is in Aiba-kun's hands! :D

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the book. I will upload all my pictures of the Arashi Message Fan book on my LJ scrapbook - here's the link:

Additional information:
In total:
56 messages; 7 messages about their Fav Arashi song; 3 messages What makes Arashi, Arashi?
19 Fan art; 1 poem; Theme pictures of A no Arashi and Celebration of Matsujun’s Birthday

Where in the world were the messages from?
Philippines: 8 Canada: 22 Malaysia: 6 USA: 7 Israel: 1 (is American but living in Israel)
Japan: 1 England: 1 Singapore: 1 Russia: 1 Poland: 1 Iceland: 1 Finland: 1
Not sure/not stated: 5
Tags: discuss: fanproject

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