November 17th, 2005



i’m new at posting it communities, so if i’m doing something wrong, gomen ne.. ^^; etou, i know that this is just my first post but may i request the mp3 for Sho’s solo song from Arashi’s 2003 concert (How’s It Going)? i think the song’s title is “Touch Me Now,” but i’m not really that sure. XP request granted. ^^ thanks to luminare.

in exchange for that, i have these…

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my sister also heard that there is a Sho version for “Blue.” is that true? if it is, could someone kindly upload it for me? (i’m requesting too much… >_< sorry..)

thankies in advance~ <3
Self Portrait

Many More Jun Images! ^_____^

Many Images of Jun! Sexy-Sexy Jun! ^___^ Hee.
REQUEST - High quality file of Jun's Rock W/Me Solo! *___*

- Rachel
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TV Shows/CMs
Kimi Wa Pet
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Hey-Hey-Hey TV Show W/ Arashi
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Ni no Arashi
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PVs/Concert Clips

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IZA NOW - Cute Jun Solo
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Rock W/Me - Jun's Dirty/Sexy Solo
Low quality, sorry, but enjoy! *__* Yummy Jun is taking his shirt off! Damn that girl on stage! >_<
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