November 26th, 2005


Okay I keep forgetting I have this. :)

For those of you that are currently into Hana Yori Dango, you're definitely going to like this. :)

Arashi - Wish [Full Single]

Album: Wish
Release Date: November 16, 2005
Language: Japanese
Genre: Pop
Duration: 13:44

1. Wish [YSI1] // [YSI2]
2. Ichioku no Hoshi[YSI1] // [YSI2]
3. Futari no Kinenbi[YSI1] // [YSI2]

Comments: You know Arashi may not be the best group there ever was to exist, but they bring the element of fun to their music and that's what I like about them. Of course those costumes they wear can get a little o.0 sometimes, but I think that just adds to their charm. Those clown afro outfits though still haunt me to this day. *looks at Missa*
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Self Portrait

Anyone know where I can find a working torrent for "Minamikun no koibito" "Minami's Girlfriend"?

I've been trying to get my hands on this drama for a while now! Can someone help and send me a working torrent link/upload the drama for me? I'm looking for subbed/raw. I'd rather it subbed if possible. Who is fansubbing this by the way?

- Rachel

Minamikun no koibito AKA Minami's Girlfriend
This is the TV drama with Nino in it! ^__^ Here are some pictures pasted behind a cut! :)

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