December 5th, 2005

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My comments about the latest Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen(Dec 1,2005). Aiba went to the Philippines. ^___^ I just copied and pasted from my journal. I just had to share my screencaps and comments to the world. xD AAAH~~ Why is Aiba so cute now, when I never thought that he was cute when I was just a beginner Arashi fangirl? XDDD You're just too baka that you're cute, Ma-chan. The whole Arashi is. XD Ahyaa~ This entry may be a spoiler-filled entry so please just download the episode from j_varietytv and watch it. Thanks to souzoujo for uploading it in YSI and ploplo for uploading it in MU.

Anyways, Collapse )

Ahyaa~ if you would watch the whole episode, you would notice Ma-chan is wearing jumpers on. Ah~ Maybe he got tired of always pulling his pants up whenever it falls. Aww~ Too bad. XD

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Another campaign tidbit...

Once again, if you haven't seen my previous spamming of your friends list with urgings to vote for Matsujun on pretty_boy_love for Pretty Boy Winter '05, here is another encouragement! (Voting ends in a week, so you won't hear from me about the subject after that, promise!)

But while you can still VOTE, here's a banner that meiface so very generously made for me. She is doubly generous because of the fact that she is in the process of a Tachibana Keita campaign herself.

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You know what to do, vote! Go, go, go!