December 29th, 2005

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His name is COOL! COOL! COOL! XD We all love Rida~ XD

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Next part of my entry would be three colorbars I made. The first three ;-; <-- tears of joy Comments are very much welcome. Criticisms as well. ^-^

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Tokyo Tower Movie - Cut Scene!

Was I the only one not aware that there was a cut scene in the movie? Well, it's in the "making of" clip, which I never sat down to watch. I took caps of it. Basically Jun and Junichi were on the basketball team in high school. That's how they became friends in the movie, and then it cuts to the scene where Jun sleeps with what-her-face's mother. ^^'


Extras/Cut Scene/Junichi's butt for fun ^__^' kee-hee!
Warning! You see Junichi from V6 naked in the shower! ^^' haaa-ahahahaa!
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