January 8th, 2006


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Minna, I don't think this have been shared yet...

I came across this file which is the NG scenes from Hana Yori Dango. Thanks fybabe for checking that these files are good for sharing with you all!


file size is 341MB. Credit goes to the box owner: minshutsao.

Unfortunately, this is only available in clubbox format for now, I know that not everyone is familiar with clubbox (and I am still struggling with all the daily new clubbox problems myself ). If anyone have downloaded this, can you please upload to ysi or megaupload to share with those who don't use clubbox?

I have got the NG file from another forum but I am not allowed to share that logo file publicly. Currently I am trying to download another huge file (1.3G) from clubbox before the file expires! So that's why I am unable to download this NG file and upload it for you guys yet! It would be great if someone else can upload it.

If not, I will do that once I am done with this file, just be patient!
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