February 4th, 2006

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Johnny's Icons! ^__^ Jun + Yamapi + Kame! :)

Okay, so I made some more Jun icons! ^__^ Yea! Also, I've become a fan of Nobuta wo Produce, and made icons based off that as well. Yamapi does such a wonderful job as Akira! Kame was great as well. The show always makes me laugh. Anyway, Jun icons/Jun Propose Icons, and Nobuta wo Produce icons/Yamapi PV Icon!

[10] Jun Icons
[02] Kame/Yamapi
[08] Yamapi Icons
[01] Kame Icons



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yay!! we all love cell phones


hi!!!! here's P.P.O.I.(the mini 39 episode drama with yamapi and aiba) parts 1-12 I'll be uploading more later!!! enjoy!!! oh! and as far as i know they are not subbed!! and i don't know when i uped these for a request so take them quick!!! and sense they are such small files i'll be happy to reup them later if the links run out!!!
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introductory post..

i've been a lurker for a while.. snagging stuff here and there.. i really didn't think i'd be posting.. but someone from one of my comms requested arashi PV's.. i thought it would be a waste if i didn't share to everyone else so here goes..

Arashi - Wish
Arashi - Hadashi no Mirai

they're in .rar format so you're gonna have to use WinRar or something..

by the way:

Name: David
Age: 17
Country: Philippines
Fave Arashi: Ninomiya Kazunari
Other Livejournal Accounts: merkuryo <- personal blog.. <lj user="merkuryo_music> <- music LJ.. i came to know about arashi through a forum.. and then i stumbled upon one of their videos in youtube.com and i finally got hooked..