February 7th, 2006



Kon-kon minna!^_^ I'm new to this community, and I'm new to arashi. I was not much of jpop boy group fan, and I must admit, it took Matsumoto Jun's portrayal of Douymuji Tsukasa ( i just liked him in kimi wa petto and gokusen, but I lurrrrvveeed him in HANADA!^_^) to finally urge me to explore his group, ARASHI. So far, I've been loving all the PV's, the funny and whacky clips, and the songs that I've heard so far i've been loving what i've watched and heard.

If you guys don't mind, (I've been having a hard time looking for some of mp3) could you please share some of their music to an ARASHI newbie like me? lolz!^_^

I especially would like to have the ff. songs.
1. sakura sake
2. hero
4. Tomadoinagara
5. Naisu-na Kokoroiki 
and anything that you think are their best songs.^_^

Arigatou! Hontou ni domo arigatou minna!^_^
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je_icontest Opening Up
HEY! I know all of you are icon makers/or like make icons, so I wanted to pimp out my new community...
je_icontest!!! It just opened and before I start contests I'm looking for 1 mod &
2 co-mods and some banner makers! =D But I'd also like members! So if your interested
in any positions just email me. And if you'd like to participate just join up! Our first contest should begin shortly!
Hopefully this is allowed to be promoted here ^^