February 13th, 2006

nino and aiba

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i was watching the 040901 Dno Arashi and noticed that the opening was sung by arashi... i'm pretty sure.. the one that starts off w/ "honjitsuno saranade"

does anyone have it??

it said "gorin something"
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first kiss

I am suffering, please help! *_*

I asked for info a few other places but maybe only Arashi and some TOKIO fans watched that Tokio story drama thing with Sho and Taichi? I am begging for details, quested behind the cut. Also, don't read unless you saw it already or don't care about spoilers I guess...

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Pics of Sho to make me (and anyone else) happy.

Sho me the door, sweetie

Happy Valentines Day

This is x posted to a few Arashi-minded comms so forgive for the spammishness.