February 22nd, 2006

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Sho piccies!

I will admit I have been a taker, and by that I mean I love to take all the pic spam on Arashi everyone provides! And usually everyone else finds way cooler (and older) stuff than I have so I don't have too much to give that hasn't already been offered. However, I don't know if a lot of people have access to some of the more aesthetic cinema and stage mags, which JE talent are appearing in more and more frequently. Mags like CUT, CinemaCinema, Top Stage, Ovation, etc. do feature our JE boys when they're involved in musicals and films, and that seems more like all the time these days.

So to say thanks for the pic spam, here are scans from CinemaCinema issue 3, which has Sho on the set of Honey and Clover.

Note: I scanned these myself, so they suck! LOL!! Sorry, but I do scan for myself and am not about to be all precise so please don't be uspet if they are a bit off center.

Hopefully you'll find them useful and if you guys like them I can upload other theatre and film mag scans when I get them.

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my friend was sorting out her dvd collection and she found the most adorable clip for me of nino

he was promoting minami kun no koibito, at a press conference thing and the reporters were all kids. see his reaction when one girl reporter professes her love for him!!! sooo cute!!

hope you enjoy. gotta love my friend for this!

click the cut for the link

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