March 1st, 2006

Variety Arashi WISH performances

Minna-san, Konichiwa~~
i'm new to this community and this is my first time posting.Anooo...after grabbing sooooo much stuff from u guys, i think i should (and MUST) contribute something in order to repay your kindness ^_^" thank you so much!!! so feel free to download~~
Here are variety performances of WISH....I'll try to contribute more uploads in the future....

The links:

1-Music Station 2005.11.18

2-Music Fighter (unknown date ^^")

3-FNS-Talk+Wish 2005.12.07

4-Best Artists 2005 TV Talk+Wish 2005.11.03 (plus Otsuka Ai)


ps:friend me,please? ^__^
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Jun for me

Ao no Honou

Ao no Honou (Edit: sorry link isn't working anymore I'll be reposting it in split parts today!)

For anyone interrested in Ao no Honou I uploaded the movie on you send it so just click and download ^^ I really think everyone should watch it it's a really great movie. And it has the almighty actor (well one of the two anyway) of Arashi Ninomiya Kazunari ^^ as the main character!!! YEAH!!!!
For those who can't download a big file like this I'll be uploading the movie in 4 parts tomorrow ^^ so just wait until than!!!
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