March 7th, 2006

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[request] looking for the post with Arashi in NY

hi, um, this past january or february someone uploaded "Arashi in NY" on megaupload. there were 5parts in total but for some weird reason, I can't find the 2nd part. Does anyone remember the link to the original post? i've gone back at least 200 entries in all the arashi comms i know and i really can't find it.

here's a little of what I managed to save :)
It's a Dat file and split, so Join with HJsplit.
Part 3

Part 4

hope someone can help ^_^;

Movie: Amagi Goe (with english subtitles)

AMAGI GOE Movie (1998) (Credits to groink) 705mb [7 files]
Hana: Tanaka Misako
Detective: Kanie Keizo
Takichi (Adult): Nagatsuka Kyozo
Japan in the 1940s. A high school boy went into a magic encounter with Ozuka Hana, a geisha (pub-girl) when he traveled through Amagi Pass. A mysterious murder took place afterwards, an Ozuka was held responsible. 40 years later, the boy, who became a printing shop owner, was visited by a retired policeman who came from Amagi Pass. The truth then started to reveal itself. (info from imdb)
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Just some thoughts...

I watched Files of Young Kindaichi 3 with Matsujun and noticed something funny for me. In 8 ep (where they are searching testament) there is moment, when they found trip in butler's room - "secret signs". Actually, its in Russian and its said "Мы хотим спать. Тише пожалуйста" = "We want sleep. Quiet, please". And what's so "secret" in this "signs"?! XDDD Dolls in this ep wear Russian traditional wears and have Russian names.

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So...I'm giving away my Matsumoto Jun header, icon, and friends only banner...u-u.

Please comment, and credit if you're taking any part of this-I did all of this myself and its from my last layout.

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