March 18th, 2006


*first off please do not get offended

has anyone watched the recent utawara with matsujun & jin? did you understand their conversations? please straight things out for me, because it seems between some various fan groups they aren't too happy with the way jin conducted himself with matsujun. if you are a big kattun fan and are easily offended, i would suggest you do not read the rest of this. :x

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Jun for me

because it amused me ^^

I was watching How's it going 2003 concert this morning and I watched the Nino cam section too ^^;;; It was so hilarious that I decided to share it with everyone. I'm not sure if someone posted this before (if anyone wants this concert too just tell me I'll upload it for everyone)

But anyway here's the link for the Nino cam moment (it's about 5 min long so it's rather short but everyone gets to see overly hyper and tired and most likely completely wired Arashi boys hahaha)

EDIT: here's the sendspace link for those who can't get it through MU
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Sho yelled at Kame

i REALLY have to go to work, but im addicted to this damn community. T_T

really quickly here is a clip from sho's radio station "sho beat" 07/15/05. someone writes in saying kame once said on mina television that sho got mad because kame threw away ramyun in the sink instead of the toilet.

sho replies saying he remembers exactly. it was right before arashi debuted, and they all went to hiroshima for a sempai's concert. there were only 2 sinks and in one of the sinks ramyun was thrown thrown in it. sho asked kame did you throw it away there?

the reason sho got upset was because they used to throw away the ramyun soup into the sink but one time it overflowed so from then on the jr's threw it away in the toilet. so he reprimanded kame for throwing it in the sink because he was afraid it would overflow again.

anyway that's it. :x but like ... i dont know. haha i guess kame didn't "think" about it. can you hear sho like "SLDFKJLKSJDF" while telling it? ahaha...

that's just the jist of it. :x here is the file.

Self Portrait


Okay! So we've got a little bit of everything this post! ^__~
Arashi Icons/Yamapi/Kame/Nari/Gazette icons! Also, dream_raine I MADE YOUR LAYOUT! +_+ FINALLY~

NEWS CD CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY! *__* I love the new single. didn't come with a DVD, and I was a little sadened by that. ::was looking forward to Cinderella Boy PV:: ;__; ENJOY THE SCANS!

[01] Arashi Layout(s)
[20] Jun Icons
[05] Aiba Icons
[05] Nino Icons
[05] Ohno Icons
[05] Sho Icons
[05] Arashi Couple Icons
[10] Yamapi/Nobuta Icons
[05] Kame/Nobuta Icons
[05] Nari Icons
[20] Gazette Icons




Many Arashi Icons + More!!


okay first of all...i TOTALLY messed up on this skin, but it took SO long that i'm still posting. T_T

if you can't tell the skin is transparent in some areas. :x this is just a screenshot so that blue arashi background is not there when you install it. the problem w/ this skin is you cant control the volume :x but it's still pretty? i'll go make a new one tomorrow or something. my head hurts from making this one, only to find out it was messed up :(

i also included the small picture people requested from the winamp skin i made last time.

after the JUMP!

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Jun for me

How's it Going 2003 concert

Some people asked me if I could upload the concert How's it Going summer 2003. Unfortunatly I think it's not the complete version (I think it's a rip of a dvd or something like that cause the quality's pretty good and it's definatly not fancams)
Anyway I still think it might not be the complete version because during the last last song they show clips of the concert and you see moments that weren't in this file. The parts that aren't there are things like the Ohmiya SK part and specials like this (in other word none singing moments)

But anyway it's still really nice to see ^^. I will be downloading the behind the stage of this concert this week and I will upload it for poeple toward the end of the week (maybe in the behind the scene we'll see a bit of the cut moments)

These file unfortunatly are only in .DAT format. I'm really sorry if some people can't play those but that's the only format I found it in ^^;;;

How's it Going Summer 2003 concert part 1 (it's split in 3 parts)
part 1-001!(new MU link)
part 1-002!(new MU link)
part 1-003!(new MU link)

How's it Going Summer 2003 concert part 2 (it's split in 2 parts)
Part 2-001!
Part 2-002!

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has anyone seen him in los angeles? if you do see him, please say hello...T_T

this is from nino's recent game the way nino's game diary is a diary message he writes, and people that are registered for it, receive it on their cell phones.

after the cut

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