March 19th, 2006

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I've been uploading Utawaras over at j_varietytv since the Rain apperance, just check in the here's an episode I think some of you want...has Jin trying to be funny and failing miserably

Utawara 12 March 2006! was an ok has its moments tho chibi jun!!!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Enjoy ^^
Jun for me

Matsumoto-kun no Uta + backstage

Since many people showed some interrest in seeing more Arashi cam moments. Here's another Nino cam. This was filmed for Jun's 20th b-day (where they sang Matsumoto-kun no Uta) The first part is the Nino cam (when they were about to record the song, they were really tired and wired on that video) and the second part is them singing the song to Jun ^^ it's really cute. I only really knew Jun back when I saw this for the first time and this is the video that made me want to see more Arashi stuff (and look at me now I'm completely addicted haha)

So here's the link for Matsumoto-kun no Uta and back stage

for those who can't use MU here's the file on sendspace ^^