March 21st, 2006

Episode Lists

just sharing the episode lists I made for Mago Mago, G no Arashi & D no Arashi (all updated now).

Some of the eps I scanned through pretty fast, so the descriptions aren't so detailed. And also haven't seen a couple of eps of D no Arashi and 1 of Mago Mago, so those are based on guessing, and highlighted in blue. grab them here~
Jun for me

Arashi cam moments ^^

Many people wanted to see more Arashi cams moment. Since I couldn't find any cams for downlaod (except the Nino cams one) I checked on to see if at least people could go watch it there until I find someone from who I can actually download the files ^^;;; Anyway for now I only have the Ohno cam but I'm pretty sure I had seen some cam moment for the others as well ^^ I'll continue looking for them

So here we go this is the Ohno cam
Ohno cam (includes Nino funny dance and randome things they did)! haha Oh-chan's so clingy on Jun in here and I just love the way he calls up to him while they're climbing the stairs (actually I just love the way he calls him all the time in this vid hahaha)^^

How's it Going 2003 BACKSTAGE!! ^^

for those who don't have it and wanna see jun/sho/aiba/nino/riida camera ^^
DOZOU ^^ :p
and i particularly love the shinkansen part ^^ XD
and matsujun no uta
and bus cam
and...... ^^;;; well... love it all!! XD

How is it Going Summer Concert 2003 Backstage:
.006 <----yousendit
.007 <----yousendit

the file is cut w/ Xtremsplit ^^ just have to paste them and it's okay!!

since the links were all expired i have changed them w/ the one that kiapkiap has uploaded (part 1 to 3 on MU)^^ and riku_tsuyoi is reuploading on SendSpace part 4-7 ^^ will reedit my post when i'll have the links ^^
THANKS YOU kiapkiap chan and riku_tsuyoi chan !!! **HUUUUUUUGS YOU TWO**

Xposted gomenne ^^;;;
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