March 23rd, 2006

Ariel Lin

commercial + GnoArashi comment

I loaded Arashi's new drink commercial, that lemon drink one, on to see the upload rate. . .and I thought maybe by some wierd chance some people did not get the commercial and would like it. .

So here is the link. . I don't remember if it took long to upload, and I dunno if it's faster compared to YSI or MU (some researcher I am). . I think it took longer than YSI. .there is no uupload bar to tell you. . not even one of those green thingies that move bakc and forth to watch like on YSI. . so yes. .

If anyone downloads this please tell me how the download rate goes. .^_^

Also, in this weeks GnoArashi. . the one with the people with the complex's. . . . at the end Sho bring out a stereo and plays like. . . 5 seconds of a song. . Nino's like "Arashi~". . and Aiba says something about. . playing that little bit won't do. . or something like that. . by any chance is that a preview of their new song?

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EDIT again.
If you want to see caps form the show. . you can see n my journal HERE
Masaki - Otomen.

HiG Backstage - SendSpace Links.

Oi! I finally got most uploaded on SendSpace! ^^;; Sorry for taking so long. >_____>;;

Originally uploaded by anthalie9 on YSI, then uploaded by kiapkiap on MU. ^^ And for those who can't use either, here's the Sendspace links! ^______^

HiG Backstage
Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.
Part 4.
Part 5.
Part 6.
Part 7.

Instructions on joining the files from anthalie9:
1. Download Telecharger.
2. Click on the "télécharger" button under the penguin.
3. The file gonna dl and after open the .exe file and select the button "coller".
4. After that in the first line at the right, it's a browse button, so youselect the files you wanna paste and then you click on the big blue"COLLER" button at the end of the window and it will "normally" work. ^^

Look here for MU links.
Look here for YSI links.

Crossposted. ^^
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少しは、恩返しができたかな - Nino Drama Special aired on 06/03/22

well.. theres some information that i have to tell you girls ^^
YSI has been a *ASSHOLE* with me today... so... i've uploaded it only on MU... sorry for those who don't like MU ^^;;
and files are split w/ Xtremsplit (sorry sorry sorry!!! next time i'll use HJsplit!!! i promise!!!!!!!!)
and comment if you take!! ^^ :p
well i have finished ^^
ENJOY!! and don't forget to have tissues while watching ^^

少しは、恩返しができたかな .001
少しは、恩返しができたかな .002
少しは、恩返しができたかな .003
少しは、恩返しができたかな .004
少しは、恩返しができたかな .005
少しは、恩返しができたかな .006

YEAYYYYYYYY!! finally manage to do this post!! ^^;;;

and for those who prefere using bittorent...since Xtremsplit is a french program (gomenne minna san.. next time HJsplit PROMISE!!!!) here you have the torrent ^^

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