March 24th, 2006

Nino's Game Diary 03/20 & 03/22

Here are the most recent game diary entries! I'll translate the 23's later today. I'ts 3:40am for me, I have to go! If you're goign to take this elsewhere just leave a link to where you're going to take it, and credit properly.

Man...I was thinking about goign to that baseball game too! WTH! ;alsdfjkkl;asdfjl;aksdjf -.-;;; So many of my friends went too :(

By the way, did anyone else cry a LOT when they watched aiba, reading his letter to the members during the 24 hour TV thing? T_T Where aiba started crying and jun and ohno too. T_T omg, i just watched that and my eyes are so red. okay :x you can go read nino's diary now.

PS : i'm not japanese, therefore these translations are very ... bad. :x i mean the jist is all there but i may have a few errors. do forgive. :x

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minna, can i request for someone to sub nino's dorama sp??? or if you guys know any source who might sub it..?? hmm.. or links to any chinese bittorrent site that has already subbed the show would be great too!

would really love to watch the show & being able to know what they're saying! ^__^"'
thanks a mil ! ^^