March 25th, 2006

Ariel Lin

Matsujun's little story. .

Here's a post I did in my journal a bit back. . I really think it's funny, and it entertains me. . so I'm posting it to torture other people. . hahahha..sorry if it's not really funny. .

I have an addiction to screencapping. . but this time I made myself laugh so hard. . >.<. . ahahaa. . anyway. .

That show I was talking about before. . propose story. . Yeah, I took caps of it, and so here they are. . but there's this really funny thing that happened, so i'll tell a story with the caps first. .hehehe. .omg. . >.<. .ahaha. .maybe i'm just a retard. .but seriously. . it's funny. . so here I go. .

Dial-uppers beware. . but seriously. .so funny. .

Collapse )

Sorry if that was stupid and long and not funny. .but I thought it was hilarious. . hahahhaha, plus I really don't like that woman. . >.>

x-posted a bit. . sorry.

~NYA~ x6

(sing with "Mission Impossible" theme) ~U..U..Ucchie, U..U..Ucchie, U..U..Ucchie, U..U..Ucchie, Bussaaaaaan, Masteeeer, Bambiiiiii, Ani!~  XD

Im not sure if I can up somewhere except MU, cos lately YSI and SS works only in 1 of 10 tries.

Edit: SS links added

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