March 30th, 2006

drawn nino

arashi fans all over the world... unite!

This thing was found on jdorama and now i'm gonna go spamming like crazy since i want to know where everyone is at. It shows a spiffy map of where all the fans are all over the world.. and i'm tripping balls over how there are no fans in japan. ROFL. Lets fill this map up.

This map needs some stuffing so i'll be spamming.. i hope i don't get so annoying that no one goes and does it.

here is the link:

NOTE: When it states "name" you can put your SCREEN NAME there. ((coughnyshalcough))


oh yes.. and here's a screen cap to mess up your friends page.
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Beautiful Game Pictures & Ohno Likes The Bus

Some fan pictures of Sho's play BEAUTIFUL GAME. must i say he looks absolutely beautiful. his shorts are short, and his boxers are tight...but... O_O i cant stop staring. T_T in any case he really does look gorgeous. :) go ahead and enjoy!

to add on ... i've translated a segment from the "ARASHI DISCOVERY" radio corner. it's like ... a few minutes. ohno is SO SO SO cute. T_T enjoy!!!!

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