March 31st, 2006

About Sho-kun family...


I would appreciate  help with a translation...

this is about Sho-kun family,  which seems to be really important...

I understood a little.. but I don't want to give bad info so please somebody who understand  japanese, help ^^ 

In the first link you go to a page, and sho-kun dad is the one in the 5th pic

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Need help! Episode Guide??

Hi everyone, I've just been trying to organize and label my MAGO-MAGO ARASHI files/seeing which ones I'm missing, and I'm getting super confused about which date goes with the correct episode number. ><
Does anyone have an episode guide or list thing with all the correct dates and episode numbers?
Also, how many parts to the Boat Speical are there and when was the first episode of that saga aired?
Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated. m(_ _)m