April 3rd, 2006

Jun for me


Hi everyone
Just thought I'd upload a Utaban where Arashi were the guests (again >_< hehe)
Utaban 2005-11-17

In this Utaban you get to see Oh-chan make fun of Nakai (as usual ^-^) You also get to see Arashi do the ARASHI(though they're all a bit embarrassed about it so it looks a bit funny when they do it). You get to hear about Hana Yori dango and see the performance of Wish and you also get to see the guys (Oh-chan doing some jumps, Jun doing that thing he does on the huge baloon and things like that)
All in all it's a very funny episode ^^v
the madness


I was looking at Clubhouse Arashi and I was trying to get Utaban~Talk (Ranking SMAP) - 50 mb - 20/12/05, but the link provided isn't the Utaban so I was wondering if anybody could please, please upload it? Thanks in advance!

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Jun for me

Arashi on Utaban

I uploaded two episode of Utaban
In the first one you get to hear complaints of the other members to Oh-chan (it's really funny)
you also get to see a funny game (the don't say 41 game) to celebrate
Ishibashi Taka's 41st b-day ^^ Sho-chan always makes Nakai mad in this game it's funny ^^
Utaban 2002-10-17
and here are the subs

Edit: Utaban 2002-10-17 on MU
and here are the subs

For the second one Nakai reads words that fan send them on how they saw one of the members outside (they talk about Jun and Ma-chan). There's also a few Oh-chan VS Nakai moments ^^ YEAH!!
Utaban 2003-02-20
and here are the subs

Edit: Utaban 2003-02-20 on MU
and here are the subs

I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did ^-^v