April 10th, 2006

Jun for me

request and bribe!!!

Ok I've uploaded all of these songs of Arashi for amari_sakura And I decided to share it everywhere as well cause no one ever has enough Arashi ^^!!! These are all in zip files uploaded on megaupload (I'm not gonna upload on any different survers or change the file type cause I have an uploaud limit and it's almost over >_< sorry anout that). The files aren't too big (I split all the songs I had in smaller groups so it wouldn't be too big!!!)

I was wondering if anyone had songs that are missing from the list seen bellow. If yes would it be possible to upload them for me ^^ I really want to have my missing songs!!! All of them >_< NYA!!! (I really want the oretachi no song when Ohno's the one talking too cause I have the one when Sho's talking to Oh-chan but not the other one!!!) thank you 8bitgirlsbravo for the Ohno version ^^

Thank you in advance to anyone who's kind enough to provide me with even more Arashi and enjoy all the Arashi I've provided here ^^!!!

Under the lj-cut I'll wrote the title of the songs that are inside the file

Arashi's first file
Collapse )

Arashi's second file
Collapse )

Arashi's third file
Collapse )

Arashi's fourth file
Collapse )

Arashi's fifth file
Collapse )

Arashi's sixth file
Collapse )

Arashi's seventh file
Collapse )

Arashi's solos
Collapse )

Ok some of those songs aren't has good quality as others (especially in the solos) I put all my songs except: Jidai, Sakura Sake, Wish and Te-Tsunego + Ohno's solo con because it's very bad sound quality and because the file itself comes from somewhere and I can't remember where

All the songs were either found by me on Lime wire, or I found them here and there or some kind soul uploaded them for me. There's many poeple involved in this so I con't remember who gave me what >_< I'm sorry about that!!

Anyway Enjoy

X-posted everywhere!!!