April 19th, 2006

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English Lyric Translations

Hi everyone! ^_^

I just recently became a fan of Arashi. I was wondering if there was a place where I could find English translations of their lyrics? I have been looking around and I have found one or two songs, but not much at all. If you can direct me please do. If I have missed the obvious please forgive me. Thank you so much for your time and help!
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ello ello, i'm a recent *a slightly crazed* fan of arashi..and i was just wondering if there was anywhere i could get the song "Oretachi no Song" i heard it once, and can't find it again...T_T

thanks in advance ^^

also..there is an ohno icon i'd like to use as my display picture..and iwas so sure i saw it here...but basically could anyone tell me whose icon this is, so i can credit them??

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Roleplaying Community

If this is not allowed, please delete it ne? ^^;;;

Johnny's Entertainmen WORLDWIDE

je_worldwide Is a Johnny's Entertainment ONLY roleplaying community, recently on the search for
Aiba Masaki & Ninomiya Kazunari!

All you need is:
- At least the age of 18
- Knowledge of the muse you want to play
- Decent English and a somewhat good writing style. Experience would be nice!

That's like everything! Easy isn't it? ^_^
Even if you are not interested in the two above, but in some other JE boys, please check the list below!

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If you want further information about this community, please visit it's userinfo.

The play will start when we have enough muses, so nobody will be left behind!
Don't be shy to apply or IM me on xHatsukoi on AIM if there are still some questions after reading through the userinfo and the community's FAQ!

the MODs
xsangekix & ricinkiss

... x-posted like WHOA ^_^;;