April 23rd, 2006

Ariel Lin

Who's been watching Ohno????

I know since he's my fave I watch him. . stalkerishly diligently during performances. .like. ."how could you close up on him doing that?!?!". . or. . "yadaaaaaa~~~~~" sorta thing. .

In the Day In Our Life performance during the latest Shonen Club thing. . I saw a wierd thing. . I dunno if it's accurate to describe the way I am going to, but it made me laugh a whooole lot. .hahaha.

It looks as if. .he grabbed . . or scratched. .himself. . adjusted himself?. . what's a good way to sat this sort of thing?. . >.<

Collapse )

You can't really see the 'cupping' there, but i'm sure if you open your own copy of this performance, then you'll see. . . for those with the whole thing it happens about 8:35 on the first part. .for those with just the performance. .that'd be 1:25 into the performance. .look for yourself and tell me what you think. .it's the verse before the bridge of the song. .

I dunno. .I re-watched and re-watched. . the 'cupping' term fit's perfect. .and even if it's normal. . it still looks funny. . hahahahaha

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