April 24th, 2006

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Performance - Kitto Daijoubu

Hey everyone! I uploaded Arashi's performance of Kitto Daijoubu on the 2006.04.23 episode of Shounen Club Premium for a friend of mine and I thought I'd share the link so as not to let it go to waste! I hope this hasn't been uploaded yet! XP I know the whole episode has been uploaded, but this is just the Kitto Daijoubu performance. ^^ I really enjoy it! XDD But it's weird to see them performing with only 4 members! Definitely looking forward to seeing them perform it with all 5! ^^

Credit goes to the JohnnyJr Clubbox. So all those who can't use Clubbox, download away! :D And I apologize if this has been uploaded already! XP

Kitto Daijoubu - 2006.04.23 (Shounen Club Premium)
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