May 1st, 2006


Stand Up 1

For your viewing pleasure, Nya!Fansubs have released Stand Up! Episode One >.<
If you don't know Stand Up, It follows 5 friends (4 guys - Oguri Shun, Ninomiya Kazunari, Yamashita Tomohisa, Narimiya Hiroki, and a girl - Suzuki Anne) who spend the summer of their 17th year together. The guy's mission is to loose their virginity, and Chie (Anne) is their childhood friend who has returned for unknown reasons. It's a somewhat comedic story of love and friendship.


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Hello! I'm new to this community and I don't have any experience with livejournal, but I'd like to get used to it so I can put up arashi scans from the magazines I have at home. Also can anyone make an arashi layout for me? I have no idea how to use this!

Lyrics to Arashi's new single Kitto Daijoubu. [In Japanese]
きっと大丈夫Collapse )