May 6th, 2006

Ariel Lin

Lyric Request. . .

yo~ anyone got the lyrics for Pika*nchi Double in the regular Hiragana/Kanji format out there?. . .

if you don't have this, but you have lyrics for something else (save newer songs i.e. Kitto Daijobu, Oretachi No Song etc. . ) then please share with me~ ^_^

If it's just the Hiragana then you can just. . .not share that though. . ^^ Thanks all~
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Ariel Lin

Nino Interview... caps -_-'

I'm just going from comm to comm making entries. . O_o

I thought this was kind of important though. . hahaha.

I went to this one persons MSN space, and found a link for this With specific instructions not to spread it around though. . >.<. .T_T. Sorry. . so I took caps to make you feel better, maybe it's already out there somewhere, or i'm just late and everyone has it. .^^

If you know the MSN space, go and check it right now for this interview

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