May 21st, 2006

by care-chan@lj

Abunai Houkago // あぶない放課後

Hi everyone, I just want to refer back to this link ft. the drama by Nino and Subaru called Abunai Houkago (Dangerous Afterschool.) I was wondering how many people are interested in it, and can't get the files off of mofile. If there are quite a few, I can upload the episodes onto my FTP so that it'll be easier download for everyone.

However, keep in mind that I will need the help of someone re-uploading it onto other file sharing services (such as YSI, sendspace, megaupload, etc.) after they've downloaded from my FTP as not to eat up bandwidth. If I see (from the stats) that everyone's just downloading from the FTP, and eating up a lot of my space (though I have tons, so it shouldn't be toooo much of a problem...) then I will stop for a while before continuing to put them up.

Also, I've only seen the Chinese version of this drama. If anyone knows where I can obtain the RAW in original Japanese, it would be much appreciated! If not, that's all right anyway.

So, let me know. :)


i'm really fall in love with this band..i hope that anyone might help me by telling the links where could i download any video clips included all of them..or any videos about Matsumoto Jun...or anything about them..or anything about Matsu Jun..
if anyone could upload any kind of videos via YSI..i really appreciate it..i can't download via sendspace or mega is due to bad internet connection at my place....
if anyone could let me know any direct links or the easiest link to download those videos...i thank all of you in advance...^^
kind of desperate...opss..miss 'em so much..

currently,i've only have 3 video clips : wish ,a day in our life and kittodaijoubu..

feel free to download via this links..^^


a day in our life..