May 23rd, 2006

by care-chan@lj

Abunai Houkago // あぶない放課後 2

Please note that all my files are in .rm format, with Chinese subs, as well, they are not one file per episode. There's about almost two episodes in one file, so there are 6 files all together. I hope that's not too much of an inconvenience.

Without further ado, here is the second file -
Abunai Houkago // file 2

Abunai Houkago // file 2 [megaupload] Thank you shini_no_shisha!
Abunai Houkago // file 2 [sendspace] Thank you shini_no_shisha!

Please help re-upload if you've finished downloading it, and put it in the comments. Once I see that, I will update your link onto the main entry.

If there are file-sharing links up already, please refrain from using the FTP link unless you cannot download from the file-sharing links at all.

Here is the link to the first file -
Abunai Houkago // file 1

Thanks everyone,

PS - If anyone has the RAW files for this drama, or know where I can find it, please tell me :D
arashi → ohno → wet unf

I come bearing gifts :D

I've been messing around with screencaps recently, and I thought I would share.  So far I have caps from the most recent MS performance of Kitto Daijoubu, the Hadashi no Mirai PV, the Kotoba Yori Taitsu na Mono PV, and the Sakura Sake PV. 

Aside from Kotoba and Sakura Sake, these are not taken from HQ files, and Kotoba is a karaoke version.

If anyone has any HQ PV's or performances they would like me to cap, let me know and I'll try to find them or you can up them for me. 

All of these caps were taken while the video was running to preserve quality, so some of them are a little hazy but it keeps the actual jpg quality up not to turn of my hardware acceleration. 

Now, on to the links!
Follow Aiba's Belly of Love! :D
Click on lovely belly showing Aiba for the caps from Kitto Daijoubu :D

Click on Illustrious Riida for Hadashi no Mirai

Click on this to watch Ohno retaliate in Kotoba Yori Taitsu na Mono!

Click on PANTSU for Sakura Sake!

Feel free to use, but if you do, please credit gimmick_game.  I spent a LOT of time on these and my eyes are killing me :D 


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Adorable Aibaka!!!

Some Funnies

So I've been really bored the past few days and edited some Arashi pics. They're crappy, but I hope the make you laugh.

Collapse )

Hope they didn't suck too badly... (^^;)
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