May 30th, 2006


missing File. .

I have ri-da-s solor for this already, but this is just. . a different angle. .must have, if anyone here has this, please share with me. . ^^

while we're on the subject. . YAAAY RIDAAA~~. . I like his solo most out of all of their's. . except I never actually. .saw all of their fan cams, I like his best regardless, i like his song best I mean. .

and omg, his clothes!!. . >.<. .O_O. . ^-^V. .
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sho and ohno

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ok..i remember watching this a while ago on youtube...and it freaked me out, but i never did ask about it -_-:

Aiba collapses

it's a minute-something clip of USO Japan, and since i don't know japanese, i didn't know whats going um, if anyone knows what happened, or if they have a longer clip, can they please upload it or something please ^^
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