June 11th, 2006

ShOhno Kiss

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I'm here to tell you an important thing.

Me and pinkujisatsu are crazy enough to take ALL our Arashi stuff and upload it in a public website. Yeah, yeah, you read well... ALL OUR ARASHI STUFF.

We're just starting, so we only have now:

- V no Arashi (complete)

- 6 Arashi no waza-ari episodes (uploading)

- D no Arashi (will upload as soon as waza-ari are finished)


We have some Shonen Club episodes there too, and we will upload more stuff soon.

Enjoy! And, please, tell everybody about our site ^o^

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Ahh,Anyone going for the Arashi Concerts?

i would like to ask.. anyone going for the Arashi concerts?
and how are you guys gonna get tickets?cos i really wanna go... and i have a budget(who doesnt? haha)
and when are you guys gonna go?
im aiming for 7/22 7/22 (yokohama) and 7/29 7/30 (osaka)
and how much are you guys paying for the tickets? and what are your budgets?:P

Mods..if this isnt allowed..feel free to delete okay?
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sho and ohno

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heya ^^ i downloaded the iza now live MC a while ago, and watched it only today...sadly i didn't understand any of it, cause it's not in english, i was wondering if anyone could sub it, or at least tell me what it's about??? If you don't have it, i'll be more than willing to upload it, but if not wrong, i'm sure i got it from here:  spikiegirl: JE concerts

Thanks in advance, and as a bribe, i bring you an Arashi Wallie ^^
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