June 19th, 2006

All my Arashi songs

here's a list of all the songs I currently have on my computor
I'm much too lazy to upload them all one by one,
however if there's a song or a few songs that you are missing
just tell me, and I'd be happy to upload them for you!
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Jun for me

Arashi over dose ^^

Decided to share these with everyone ^^!!!!
Here are all the Arashi pvs I have. I think I have them all but if someone sees that I'm missing some could you please upload it for me I'd be forever grateful!!!!!

Hadashi no Mirai (HQ) Catchy song where they are all being silly and singing in the shower (dressed of course XD) 
Michi the shortest pv ever it's 50 seconds or so XD I like it it's from the movie Pikanchi ^^ 
Sakura Sake (HQ) My favorite song of them XD they dress as weird teachers and nerdy students in this it's pretty funny XDDD 
Pikanchi This PV contains scenes from the movie Pikanchi life is hard dakedo happy (the first movie) 
Kotoba Yori Taisetsu Na Mono The opening theme of Stand up.
Lucky Man (HQ) Good song, lots of boy dancing but the big plus of this vid is that you get to see them all wet XD 
Pikanchi double song from Pikanchi life is hard dakara happy (second movie).
Sunrise Nippon 
Tomadoinagara Arashi singing in a miniature town and playing around with miniature cars and planes ^^;;; 
Typhoon Generation  
A day in our life the MS version not a pv but I uploaded it anyway ^^ it's from the show Music station ^^
A day in our Life I think this song is the ending theme of Kisarazu Cat's eyes (but I might be wrong ^^)  
A.RA.SHI (HQ) their first PV, they're so chibi ^^ I'm fairly sure this was released at the end end of 1999 (I know it was 2 months after their debut) 
Hero Song they sing during the 24 hours terebi
Hitomi no naka no Galaxy (HQ) They're singing and you randomly see 2 foreign kids looking through a telescope (no dancing in this one either YEAH ^^) they look very calm in this one it's really pretty! 
Jidai (HQ) it's the ending theme of Kindaichi 3
Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi
Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru
Nice na Kokoro iki Arashi being silly and crazy inside a work place XD I love this pv and guess what NO DANCING!!! 
Kitto Daijoubu ok this must be the dancing pv I like best it's just so much crack XD it's hilarious XDDDD it's a very bright and colorful pv with moments of insanity XDDDD 

PV uploaded by sarahpotz cause I realized after that I was missing those ^^
so here is Wish opening of Hana Yori Dango
and here's the All or Nothing 

a bit x-posted ^^;;;
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