June 30th, 2006

Arashi VS V6 on 8/2

is it me or is aozora gonna be released on the same date as v6's very best II ? its like 8/2 for both( correct me if im wrong)
my goodness, what is johnny trying do to? create a showdown on the charts?
and v6 has 3 versions too. oh god, what in the world is going on!
im annoyed by johnny. how can he pitch arashi against v6.
i really want arashi to be number1... (okay they will be number 1 -_-||)
mods, remove this if its not allowed! thanks!:D

thanks to my dear abaka manager, luckypurple, who pointed out that singles and albums have different charts, we (or rather i) now know, that i have to worry less for arashi :P
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Ura Arashi

I was browsing through Johnny's Net just now and I noticed something new listed under "EVENT" on Arashi's Artist Information page. My Japanese is non-existent, but I managed to plow through a bit of what they said anyway. Please do correct me if I'm wrong though!

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[MOD] Arashi update #2

It seems like while some of us do seem to know a lot about what's going on with Arashi lately, most of the community does not, whether it's because information were posted on communities that most people are not a part of, or because some might consider the information common knowledge and didn't bother to post about it.

The purpose of this post is to catch people up on the activities and stuff that Arashi are involved in. No fancy pictures or uploads, but plenty of information on what the group is up to lately. I'll try to add as much as possible, and people are more than welcome to include their own information as well. (If you were around for the last update post, you'll notice that I've included activities that have been listed before since they either have not been released yet or are ongoing projects.)

Anyway, a bit of a personal opinion: I'm really glad Arashi's got so much stuff to do because it means they're having a really good year and all, but... wtf the fans are seriously going to go broke at the rate they're going. XD


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