July 11th, 2006

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ARASHIC tour MC summary - July 9th

Uh... I did this for awhile last year too, then I sort of got lazy ^^; But anyway! There're a couple of Chinese blogs out there that gives reports of the MC talks that went on in Arashi's concerts, and since I already translated most of this for a friend yesterday, I figured I'd post it here too. So here's the MC report from the first show they had on July 9th-- I'll get to the report for the second show in a sec.


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Shirokin Uni is an alternate-universe, which means there are relationships to build, bonds to make and room mates to get used to. You have the choice whether you're a prep or a jock, whether you're a skeet, or skank. It's all depends who you want to be.

And because this is a school, there's going to be classes, depending on what you chose your major to be. It can be anything, english, science, arts, your pick. (Though they actually won't take place, you can get to know a person who's in your class, RP in class, etc.)

Roommates are going to be random. There's no guarentee that Kame will end up with Jin (though WE like that a bit too much), and we're not going to change your roommate because you don't know someone's character.

Since it is a uni, you'll have to learn. ;D

There's still a lot of people to claim, so hurry!


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matsujun's autograph?

does anyone have a picture of matsujun's signature?
my uncle owns this shop in Japan and i think one signature on the wall is of matsujun's but it's a very.."unique" signature so i was wondering if it really is his autograph.
thanks :)

here is the picture of the sign
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