July 12th, 2006

ShOhno Kiss

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Hi minna! *waves*

I was seeing the incompleted doramas I have in my HD (waiting to be completed and be burned) and just realized I have many engimonos/short doramas/stageplays with some Johnny's boys (mostly Ohno). Talking to yuki84 about downloading one of those engimonos/short doramas/stageplays I thought on make a batch torrent with all I have.

I tell you what I have:
- Mitsuo (Ohno Satoshi + Yokoyama You), including the making of
- SPEED STAR (Takizawa Hideaki + 5-seconds-Ohno *LOL*)
- Katte ni Nostalgia (Ohno Satoshi)
- Hakupumanpu (a.k.a Bakumatsu Banpuu) --> didn't see it yet, but I heard it's a fancam
- Aokisan Uchi no Okusan (Aiba Masaki + Sakurai Sho + Ohno Satoshi, with Chinese subs I think)
- True West (Ohno Satoshi + Masahiro Matsuoka from TOKIO) --> I'm still downloading it since it's really big to be only a stage play (which should mean High Quality. Yesss ^.^)
- Shinseki Emotion (Fancam from Ohno's stageplay; Shounentai Musical PLAYZONE 2001) --> still downloading it too, but there's only 1 seed and it's 1GB *_* Hope it means very good quality
- Leo Boy (Akanishi Jin + Matsumoto Jun)
- Kuruu ga Mama (Aiba Masaki + Murakami Shingo [a.k.a Hina] from Kanjani8)

I wonder... Are you, guys, interested in this? Would you help me seeding it?

Oh! And could you tell me the year for each one of this stage plays if you know it? Thank you ^o^

Waiting for your comments ;)

EDIT: I know some people can't use BT, so maybe Megaupload is better for everybody? Please, let me know.