July 15th, 2006

ShOhno Kiss

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Hi minna!

It's me again :P

Finally, I decided to upload all the things in this post to Megaupload, so everybody can download them.

I have just started, so only Kuruu ga Mama and Katte ni Nostalgia are done, but soon will be the rest ^_^

I have put the links @ Himitsu, as always. In the engimonos section, ok?

Go there and take all you want ^o^

Also, we have created a LJ account to tell everybody about our updates (http://himitsu-updates.livejournal.com). Feel free to add it to your friend list ;)

~ Arimi ~
girl // lips & sky

Honey and Clover News

I don't know if this has been posted before but I found a site that has Honey and Clover live action news and magazine scans/promotional pics. If anyone would like to check them out, the magazine scans are located here and some general info plus the Live Action OST tracklist are located here