July 21st, 2006



All these times when ppl were all ' i like I Want Somebody or Raise Your Hands or whatever song in Arashic, i'd be like wanting to punch the monitor and everything. Reason: mine hvnt arrived!! do u know how it feels when u felt left behind??? i refused to hear the samples n it's DAMN hard to resist (but i somehow mange to...*proud~!*) BUT!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!.......*touched*

yeah, i know... i just got my cd today??? how pathetic!!! but no matter!!!! i have it now!!!! with ugly box wrapping with a lil tore which give me a peek at the cd and everything!!!!...too bad i cant open it now, hv to wait for my sister to come back home...*patient, sinta patient*

okay! enufff with my crapping n stuff!! ja ne! ^^

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silly yamada

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Im just finished watching old Arashi's vid wen they were a guest in Utaban (17-11-2005) ..n take sum of the screencaps cuz they all just soo kawaii in der!! ^_^ esp Ohno wen he's doing the acrobatics!! lol..

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Mkay, maybe i'm late on hearing this but why, one, is Clint Eastwood directing a japanese war film....
And why is our adorable Nino going to be in it? XD

The films called, "Red Sun, Black Sand."
and should be coming out I BELIVE december or november 2006.
Its a drama/war film about the battle of Iwo Jime between the United States and Imperial Japan during World War II, "as told from the perspective of the japanese who fought it".

Nino will be playing a main role, name, "Saigo".

I thought this was very random and thought I'd share it if no one else knew about it.

Some ARASHIC Official Photos

Hi guys this is my first time posting here! lol I am a relatively new fan of Arashi but I love them to death now -_- <3

Anyway here are some official shop photos sold as part of the Arashic Concert Tour..
They are mostly MatsuJun, so sorry about that. ^^;

I can't wait till I get my hands on them.

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