July 23rd, 2006


Arashic Sho Poster

I attended the Arashic concert yesterday in Yokohama and had a great time! When I was buying my posters though, somehow I forgot to get a Sho poster. So this is just a plea that someone could pick me up one. I'd totally reimburse you for it and shipping, plus some extra for being awesome and picking it up for me. ONEGAI~ m(_ _)m

PS. If this is somehow inappropriate feel free to delete it.
nino pic from yuckie-chan

Arashi checking out some girls??? WTF???

my dear shini_no_shisha ARIGATOU for fulfilling my dream of watching this episode.. ^^ very grateful *huggles*
GAWD! the first time ever i saw the boyz checking out girls.. my.. my.. my.. i wished that was me..*screams* i don't know if it's just me.. or whatever.. but man..  if they werent checking out those girls.. they're admiring them w/ BIG SUGOIness on their faces.. they're sooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and gentle-looking.. i'd probably  screamed and drooled at Nino.. (oh by the way.. he's the first one who noticed the girls..) NINO XDDDD you're mine NINO XDDDD >_<

more screencaps inside.. brace yourselves ladies.. jealousy can be very deadly..

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MatsuJun on Tokyo Concierge - 2006 07 02

Jun was a guest on a radio show called Tokyo Concierge recently, and I've translated the summary of it ^^ I know I don't normally post summaries of radio shows, but I thought this was interesting and definitely worth sharing with everyone. He talked more about his Valkyrie stageplay, ARASHIC, the group itself and even (or should I say especially?) fanservice. Enjoy!


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So what did everybody think? I personally think it's great that he admits to blatant fanservice to please fans. We all know it's a given that Johnny's guys do it, but to actually own up to it is a pretty brave thing to do.

...not that fans would really care, of course. XD