July 24th, 2006

ShOhno Kiss

[Uploads] Honey and Clover Making of + Butai + Engimonos

[DVD] Honey and Clover (Movie Making) (568.40MB) is available to download at Himitsu in the Arashi section.

Also, the following butais/engimonos are already uploaded:

- [Engimono] Mitsuo (Ohno Satoshi + Yokoyama You)
- [Engimono] Mitsuo SP (making of)
- [Engimono] Katte ni Nostalgia SP (making of) (Ohno Satoshi)
- [Engimono] Aokisan Uchi no Okusan (Aiba Masaki + Sakurai Sho + Ohno Satoshi)
- [Engimono] Kuruu ga Mama (Aiba Masaki + Murakami Shingo [a.k.a Hina] from Kanjani8)
- [Butai] West Side Story [FanCam] (Sakurai Sho + Ohno Satoshi + Matsumoto Jun + Ikuta Tôma + Kazama Shunsuke + Toshin Yoshikazu + Yamashita Shoon)

They're in the Engimonos/Butais section (obviously *LOL*), so please, feel free to go there and take whatever you want ^o^

~ Arimi ~ (http://destined.to/himitsu / http://himitsu-updates/livejournal.com)
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Arashi - Taiwan Concerts - Tickets on sale SOON.

For anyone going to the Taiwan Concerts, thanks to alkithilien for this information, the tickets will be on sale on July 29th, 2006 (as stated on the official Taiwanese Johnny's website.) If anyone think they'll have trouble getting the tickets, you can talk to me on MSN at cheri[underscore]tenou[at]hotmail[dot]com (MSN) or e-mail me at cheri[dot]tenou[at]gmail[dot]com, and I can most likely assist you in getting your tickets.

Have fun everyone!

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Arashi Taiwan Concert Surprise - Help needed.

Hi guys,

(Sorry, I'm being quite annoying recently lately, eh? What with the so many posts...)

You've probably heard about the Taiwanese fans planning an event for Arashi's concert in Taiwan! However, we need the help of someone who lives in Japan and can speak English and Japanese as we realized Johnny's company doesn't accept international phone calls from the phone numbers they posted on their website. With that said, we would like your assistance to either ask for how we can contact them oversea or to speak on our behalf. Any help would be appreciated! I don't have any bribes, but if you ever need anything from Taiwan, I'll try my best to get the stuff for you...? :D;;


News from summercon and more

So, I was lucky enough to get to 7\23 Yokohama concert! Yey! That was great!
- Sorry, I was so excited, that dont remember, whom Nino (if Im not mistaken) kissed in the beginning of con. =)
- during MC they did something like "What will you do, if..." With my japanese I understood only "... if you'll wake up in girls body?" All, except Sho, was somehow pointed on breasts, but Sho did like "Nai-nai-nai-nai-nai!", pointing "there". Well, Im not Freud, but think that its interesting fact XDDD OMSK did bazuka again.
- and I really cant remember almost everything bcos of shock, BUT *ta-da-da-dam* I had uchiwa with "Russia *heart* U" worlds, and as Im at least half of head taller then 99% of Japanese I've seen (even if they are on 10 sm heels) and I seated in couple metres from boys when they was on small platforms... so Nino, Ohno and Jun noticed me (and someone even twice)!!! And they looked impressed after reading my uchiwa, Jun even gave me a wink. I mean "Jun's wink" (you know what I mean) XD Im sooo happy!!!  
- it was third con for this day, so Aiba and Sho looked tired (though not other tree), and there was 3 (!) ancors XD During the last one they said that they are too tired, but after Sho, Aiba, Ohno and Nino said thanks and goodbys, Jun just like "More one time!" and they sang again! 

Befor the con I liked only "I want somebody" from new album, now I love it all! XD

Oh, and I was in Johnny's office and have some stuff >>>
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Ok, Im just 5 hrs from my plane from Japan and too sleepy, so sorry for my simplicity and gramma ^^'
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Just random natsucon musing...

"The story goes back to the second album, you know what I mean you asshole!"....yeah, that was exactly what Sho said at Yokohama Area 22/7...awesome stuff...Anyway, I got like some Arashi natsu con pics, some official and some not...anyway here are just two pics from that awesome Cool & Soul performance...

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