July 30th, 2006

Tekkon Kinkreet - Nino's new movie

This coming December, not only will we see Nino in the Clint Eastwood Movie, we'll also be hearing his voice in the animation movie Tekkon Kinkreet and plays Kuro. I'm not really sure what's the story line, but I was quite awed by the trailer (it somehow reminded me of the Matrix). Anyhow I think it's gonna be an awesome movie. ^^V

~Nino talking about it in his Game Nikki HERE

~Trailer for Tekkon Kinkreet (Can someone tell me if he's the voice that screams in the last few parts...I think it's him but it doesn't sound like him, so I'm quite confused about that XD)



Official website http://www.tekkon.net/site.html