August 5th, 2006

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Fansubbing project?

I'm not sure how well this will work, but I'll try to take a stab at it anyway.

I've been thinking about tackling one or two projects, but I'm really not suited for fansubbing (and I'm sure the feeling's mutual >_>). So... would anyone be interested in helping me time and sub? You wouldn't need to translate anything at all, and I'll be checking over everything at the end myself. No long term commitment is required either, since I'll only be doing one or two things. BUT. At least some sort of fansubbing experience is going to be one of the requirements, since I'm kind of anal about that type of stuff XD;

So here's what I'm looking for, in a nutshell: 2-3 people who has some knowledge in timing and/or subbing, and are willing to dedicate some of their time to helping me fansub. Simple, right?'ll help, right? D: Because if no one volunteers, I'm just going to give up on the whole thing, and no one wants that I hope.

Timers/Subbers thus far: wakinghour, kitkaos (timing only), thelamook (subbing only)

Anyway, while we wait for people to step forth and volunteer like the wonderful, wonderful people they are, here's a poll that you can take to vote on what I might do:

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Random notes of interest:

- This post is public, but the finished product(s) (that is, if I gather enough people for it to happen) will be posted on the community under a friends lock, so be sure to join the comm if you want to download :3

- I'm not going to form an actual fansubbing group and keep working on projects, I'm just tossing out a wide range of stuff for you guys to choose from. Therefore, I will not be working on everything listed in the poll, so please don't ask me too!

- Even though I made a post now, try not to expect any finished products any time soon. Most of the stuff I listed are pretty long and will take awhile to both translate and time/sub, not to mention I'll (we'll?) be doing this on my/our own time. Sorry for getting your hopes up! ><
[kat-tun] kuchibiru

xD and Question!

So my friend saw Arashi in Taiwan...
And this is the AIM convo that commenced when she got home to tell me about it. 8D
Personally, I found her anecdote amusing, and I spliced out irrelevant parts, so it shouldn't be annoying to read. >__> But tell me if it is? I'd hate to have posted boring spam. D:

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Oh those poor, unfortunate souls who don't know Arashi... D:

Anyway. They are so busy, I'm surprised they don't collapse. :/ Taiwan... six hours after Korea, if I remember correctly? x___x So my question! What were they in Taiwan for? Did they do a show? But then, they went all around Asia in such a short span of time, and I was wondering, what were they doing? They couldn't possibly have been having concerts in all those places, because... wouldn't that be terribly draining? But then they did have a show in Korea... Gah. Yes, please do inform me? Thank you! ♥
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Arashi sheet music?

I have scans of official sheet music for Arashi's "Blue" and I was hoping to find sheet music to some more of their songs.
(Actually, have they even released sheet music to the rest of their stuff?) Anyway, any help would be really appreciated. :D


Okay, so they do release scores (ref: this ebay item), does anybody know where I can get scans though?