August 6th, 2006


GNA 043 + new perf

Aozora Pedal [Utaban] 2006.08.03 ----- Oxy
<tr valign="top" align="center"><td height="19">Aozora Pedal [Music Station] 2006.08.04 ----- Oxy
<tr valign="top" align="center"><td height="19">Talk [Utawara] 2006.07.30 ----- Oxy
</td></tr><tr valign="top" align="center"><td height="19">Talk [Music Station] 2006.08.04 ----- Oxy</td></tr>
</td><td align="left" height="19">GNA - Ep.043 - 2006.08.02 -Minor sports 4 - nunchaki ----- </td><td>Oxy

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ARASHIC tour MC summary - July 29th

Sorry about the long wait, but I couldn't find any comprehensive MC reports for the past while so I couldn't do any translating. I'm also debating on whether to translate the reports on the MCs from their three Yokohama shows (the ones on the 23rd) since someone has already translated them, but I could always do them as well if anyone wants, so just let me know.

I'm going to hopefully do all of the Osaka and also Nagano MC summaries today (7 shows in total so far), which is quite a lot if you've seen any of my previous summaries. So without further ado, let's get started! Here're the MC summaries for the first two shows of their two days in Osaka ^^


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i was wondering if anyone can translate the song "Tabitachi no Asa" from the Arshic album for me? the song sounds so sweet...and im just dying to know what they're saying hehe.

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ARASHIC tour MC summary - July 30th

...annnnd as I promised earlier, here're the MC reports for all three shows from their second day in Osaka. Just a warning though, there's barely anything about their second show for some reason D:

The first day at Nagano should come... soon, I hope. But I'm getting tired, so... I guess we'll see XD;


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