August 8th, 2006


what's in a name?

hi! aishoni @ aina des.. *1st time posting nervous ^^;;*
i've done some searching for the meaning of the boys name at wiktionary 
i'm just wondering if it's accurate or not, or maybe there's other kanji used to represent their names

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my favourite is Ohno Satoshi = vast field of knowledge, but phoneticly sounds pleasing is Ninomiya Kazunari 
what do you gals/guys(is there any?) think about how the meaning of their names represent their personality?
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Sho picspam!!

here are sho picturesss!!!! i actually dont really like sho's curly's so heavy on his face. i wish he could go back to his straight hairr...that was loveeee <3 anyways...some of you probably have these pics...or these have probably even been posted before...but we can never get enough of his hotness!! =P

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