August 14th, 2006

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hi guys..this is like the first time am writting sumtin..i dunno if u guys know bout tis already but..have u heard bout the... J-POP internet awards ranking?

Cast your votes EVERY HOUR as MUCH AS YOU CAN for ARASHI and their current singles and help them take one of the TOP 3 spots at the Kashu-Navi Internet Music Festival Ranking Charts! Keep voting until December 1st, 2006, in which Kashu-Navi will be awarding the artist AND will be performing at the annual Internet Music Festival! The more votes you make, the faster Arashi will climb up to the top three spots! 

Look for >TOP4~50 link to the right columns and click on it. Choose ARASHI (嵐) and their single Kitto Daijoubu and click on the button below the page! REMEMBER, YOU CAN ONLY VOTE THEM AGAIN EVERY HOUR!!

(credit:TSC II (storm speedway) http// )
Arashi is like in the 8th position rite now...they were 7th yesterday..
kinda makes me sad to see em so..low....let's vote,ait? =)
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j-friends never ending spirit 1997-2003

I don't know how useful this will be to everybody but some people have asked me to share a rip/encode of the J-Friends Never Ending Spirit DVD. Which I did, and since I did spend quite some time labouring over the encode, I thought that would be cool if anybody else who has not watched it got the chance to, especially since Arashi were performing too. =)

Rough highlights include :
* Flashback on previous J-Friends concerts
* Footage from the J-Friends final concert
* Interview with individual members of J-Friends

The torrent for the DVD rip can be found here :

The tracker is a private one though so you will have to register in order to get the torrent.

( This post has been X-posted for prosperity. =P )
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