August 16th, 2006

New *waves*

Hi im new here XD
My name is Hanna and im 14 and im from Sweden and I love Arashi XD
I don't have a favorite a love all of them XD But Nino and Ohno are two of the best XD

I have a request, there are some Ohno solo songs i don't have
  • Yuki Kuni (Johnny's Jr. SUGAO 2 Concert, 1999) ??
  • Deep Sorrow (Shounentai Playzone 2001 "Shinseiki Emotion", 3104Yen Solo Concert 2006)
  • Machi Ga Irodzuku Koro - duet with Aiba Masaki (Winter Concert, 2003-2004)
  • Size (3104Yen Solo Concert, 2006)
  • Dice (3104Yen Solo Concert, 2006)

Can some nice person upload the songs for me??