August 21st, 2006


arashi wallpaper?

haha it's really badly made but this picture really made me want to make a wallpaper XDD i really need to learn how things work in photoshop >_< i've been using it for a year now but i still suck XDD

anyway... even if it's horrible... here's the linkXD

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It's about time I dumped some icons again. lol.

OK...a lot of different icons...the most are arashi though (well, Matsujun to be more ::

[20]Matsumoto Jun
[03]Ohno x Jun
[02]Nino x Jun
[01]Ninomiya Kazunari
[01]Ohno Satoshi
[01]Sakurai Sho
[02]Random JE boy groups

[02]Domoto Tsuyoshi
[01]Domoto Koichi
[01]Junnosuke Taguchi
[04]kitty gYm
[01]Yuto Nakajima
[01]Hana yori dango


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